Our top 5 places visited in 2017

We’ve spent 77 days and well over 7,500kms zigzagging across Queensland and NSW. It’s been a whirlwind as we were on a timeline for Christmas with the family.

We’ve been to places like Cape York, Lawn Hill, central QLD to do the dinosaur trail, Fraser Island, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay, Lightning Ridge & out to the back of Bourke.

From all of our experiences so far we’ve selected our top 5 places visited in 2017. The criteria for why the following were our winners were that all of us loved it, that included our hard to please 3 year old (now 4) and that on reflection made us feel the ‘happiest’.

#5 Chili Beach in Iron Range National Park, south of Cape York Peninsula. To get to this place you go through some diverse scenery. If you fancy a Robinson Crusoe lifestyle then this is it. Wild, remote, tropical rainforest meets coconut lined beach.

#4 Adels Grove, near Lawn Hill National Park. This little oasis surrounded by desert was where we camped for a week. Beautiful swimming holes, bird and aquatic life to behold.

#3 Mulligan’s Hut, Gibraltar Range National Park, Northern NSW.

Gondwana forests take you back to a land that time forgot. Ancient forests show us a remarkable insight into what the world was like millions of years ago, and that the essence of Australia is much more than a colonised history. We stayed at Mulligan’s Hut which in itself has an interesting history. At 1000m above sea level it was cool at night so lighting a fire for cooking and warmth lent a romantic ambience and while there were two other campers it felt like we were the only ones there.

#2 Gregory River, Gulf Region. On the way to Lawn Hill and a tip from a friend had us staying at this magic free spot. There were only a few campers and the prime position on the river bend was waiting for us. Clear, warm water, awesome weather, campfire cooking and our caravan on the banks of the river, it was so much fun that we extended our stay for a week but I think the kids would happily stay here forever.

(Insert drumroll here…)

#1 Our top pick for places to visit was a day trip to Fruit Bat Falls, Cape York region. At the start of the Northern section of the Old Telegraph track. We visited here on the way back from Cape York and it blew all our minds. A short walk from the car park unveils a huge waterhole with an array of small waterfalls, crystal clear sea-green water, it was perfect temperature, you could not help but want to get into the water as soon as possible. This place has special cultural significance and it’s a good thing that you can’t camp here as it retains and protects the pristine beauty. Words and pictures cannot do this place justice. Even a few months on, Layla still talks about Fruit Bat Falls. All I can say is visit this place.

That’s it, our top 5, thanks for reading hope you add it to your plans if you are ever travelling these parts of Australia.

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